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Monetizing The Marijuana Industry Without Having To Sell The Stuff!

November 20, 2012

My New Local Weed Website & Blog

Durango Chronic is my new baby!  I’m in love already.  It feels like old days, I’m monetizing green plants again!  I’ve purchased a number of weed related domains.  Durango Chronic was one that is special to me.  Now not only do I get to monetize marijuana, but I also get to play around with some local weed SEO.

New Marijuana Website

Marijuana SEO

It’s going to be fun ranking for all those chronic longtails.  I’m excited to see what the search queries look like.  What do stoners punch into Google anyway?  If it’s not for all the different methods I’m going to have for monetizing the blog/site, I love this site because of baker search!  I’m sure I will be seeing some ridiculous terms within GA/Webmaster.

Interaction With The Local Community

Further down the line there will be much more opportunity to engage and interact with the weed community.  After Amendment 64 passed, I immediately applied for my card.  Although the stuff just got legalized, there will be a long interim period.  It will be easier to negotiate everything with a medical card during that interim stage.

There’s a lot of opportunities opening up in my state, and I’m cashing in.  Whether it’s selling (or business tradeoff) for marketing services with the local dispensaries or directly getting my hands dirty once there’s more resolution.  ‘Planting’ the foundations for a location within the niche starts now, and I’m getting ready.

Having this site (especially ranking longtails) will be a great way to showcase some of the services I can offer the marijuana industry.  The site itself, once it starts gaining traffic, could turn into a marketing solution with premium listings and such.  As of right now, it’s entirely ads and affiliate programs.

Opting-In Recipients

Because of advertising restrictions, dispensaries will have to rely on inbound and direct marketing.  Building up opted-in databases is going to be essential.  It’s possible for sites such as mine to gather up email addresses and mobile numbers and send deals on behalf of clients in the industry.

I currently do not have any opt-in system on the site (it’s only hours old!) but plan to sometime in the near future.  Even if I’m creating BS newsletters for one or two recipients, it’ll be worthwhile just to go through the motions of building this process.  It’ll definitely be a fun database to build and grow.


I’ll be sure to report the results once I start seeing them!


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