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Direct Marketing News – It’s time for small businesses to make mobile moves [Event Marketing]

November 26, 2012

SMB & Nonprofits looking to mobile to drive event engagement

Direct Marketing News article: Small business and mobile marketing

Direct Marketing News wrote an article on small business and mobile marketing. According to an EventSpot study, 81% of small businesses and nonprofits intend on beefing up their mobile for marketing events next year.

According to the study, 16% of respondents, which include approximately 300 B2B and B2C small businesses and nonprofits, say they currently use a mobile device to send out content to potential guests. Of the 16%, 75% claim they send event schedules, 41% say they distribute session descriptions, and 19% provide speaker biographies.

16% currently use mobile to promote events

Only 16% of the respondents currently use mobile marketing to promote their events. Keep in mind that this survey comes from an event platform, meaning everyone surveyed currently practices event marketing.

It’s a shock to see that only 16% is currently leveraging mobile for events and no surprise that that 80% of the difference wants to start. Mobile has great synergies with event marketing. Event-goers use mobile for everything from pulling up directions via Google Maps to referencing event information.

Tactics to optimize events for mobile

I’m sure the majority of those surveyed are already creating event pages. Implementing “mobile marketing” could be as easy as optimizing those pages (or creating mobile versions) and linking to it via QR Code.

More advanced tactics could include SMS event reminders and whatnot. Solutions such as these may require investments into shortcodes or other plans. The mobile optimization and QR Code strategy is low to no-cost.

Event metrics & analytics

Mobile marketing can provide more analytics for the event. Going off the QR Code example explained above; If the QR Codes were tagged with Google Analytics URL-tracking codes, metrics on the interactions could be collected during the event. Assuming there were multiple codes for multiple things scattered throughout the event, engagement could be measured by the interaction with the different codes.

SMS provides metrics as well. These metrics might be as simple as number of event reminder requests, or might get much more intricate. Varies by how robust the mobile marketing solution is.

There are technologies such as text-to-screen and other innovations which can jive perfectly with event marketing. I’m sure much more are on the horizon. Imagine when we can finally incorporate augmented reality to demonstrate how heavy machinery operates by pointing a device at a printout on a table.



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