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Gandolf’s Smoke Shop In Durango Colorado Gets A New Website!

December 7, 2012

Gandolf’s Smoke Shop – New Website

Durango Chronic is proud to present Gandolf’s Smoke Shop’s New Website!

Durango Chronic was able to build the website for Gandolf’s free of charge, in exchange for some sidebar and footer real-estate. Durango Chronic has the same offer standing for everyone else in the local Four Corners marijuana industry. If you’re interested, email us.

It is one of my goals to help connect the local marijuana industry. With Amendment 64 passing, everything is going to get a lot more legitimate and mainstream. As this occurs, the “community” can come-out into mainstream society.

Durango Chronic is the first step in that leap. We are striving to connect the local marijuana scene and gain those that need it the exposure they deserve.

Gandolfs was the first to leverage these exciting new services. We’re also talking with several local glass blowers (some featured in Gandolf’s) about creating similar websites as well.

Who we will build sites for

Durango Chronic will build sites for anyone in the local Four Corners marijuana industry. We want to focus on:

  • Glass blowers
  • Trimmers
  • Private caregivers
  • Growing gurus

If you are interested, email to start the dialogue. We will work with you on creating a completely custom website that suites your needs.

Once again, free of any charges.


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