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Local Marketing, 2013 Animas River Days And Basin’s New Email Marketing Platform

June 7, 2013

It’s been somewhat of a busy week, and kind of spread all over the place. Between work, the river and drama there’s a lot going on and a lot of distractions.

Girl And Roommate Drama

Oksana managed to get herself kicked out of my life…Over a bunch of nothing too. Jealousy, really, which is a shame. I’m the only person who can have a girl go physco because of a jealousy without at least getting laid. What the fuck is up with that? Add that to the roommate turnover and the drama that’s been and I am sick and tired of my house.

I’ve been thinking more and more about it, and I really want to convert a vehicle into something liveable. With wireless technology continuously improving, it’s just about possible to get internet anywhere there’s reception. This means as long as there’s a power source to power my laptop, I could feasibly work from anywhere. If I could live comfortably in a converted vehicle, complete with solar panels and everything, then I could theoretically stay wherever I want. It’d also be nice never having to worry about rent, utilities, roommates, neighbors, lawns and all that other crap that comes with the property.

4Cast And The iLocal Project

Just got done adding all the Restaurants to the Cortez, Colorado iLocal website. “iLocal” as I coined it, is a new project powered by 4Cast. I still don’t believe I know exactly what Jerry has in mind for this project. He wants it to be video-based, and charge for the service as a “local marketing” bit. To what effect these videos will have – I’m lost. I was asked to place the Durango sample video that we’ve made on the Cortez site, which I think is ridiculous and almost like spitting in the face of Cortez.

The idea is mainly to get some QR Codes on some rack cards in all the hotel rooms in our region, pointing to the towns iLocal web property. These properties would contain the glorious videos on the landing page. I believe it was Jerry’s idea to also create a directory of everything to do in the region, thus the restaurants I spent way too long adding.

Because it’s “local marketing” in nature, I felt it important to toss a couponing feature in the mix. Online couponing wasn’t that difficult to implement. I ended up finding a couponing specific WordPress theme, though after implementing it, I’m wondering if a plugin wasn’t the more optimal way to go. By opting for a plugin over a theme, it’s possible to have more control over the look and feel of the website, as any theme could be used.

I will probably end up playing around with a couple plugins, and if I find one I like, I will convert the theme and add plugins to all the iLocal web properties.

So here I am, adding restaurants to a website trying to drive interest in “video tour” sales…..Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Actually, the creating of the directory is to add value and content to the web property, more so for the end-user…..But boss man wants everything to attract attention to the videos, as to somehow drive sales, leaving me incredibly confused.

I would rather figure out some premium directory features, such as social links and such, proposition them on that, and then make reference to the videos and see if there’s interest. In all honesty, I don’t know how much Jerry plans on charging for these video productions, and after seeing the ordeal it was getting the mp4 file of the original, I don’t know how feasible it is “production wise”.

I’m going to have to go back through and kind of add some more features and functionality. Nothing too elaborate; A rating system, Facebook comment box, Google Maps embed.

Spirit Science Banned From 4Cast

And the Church keeps on censoring……I hate religion. The Spirit Science series has gotten banned from 4Cast. Read my last post about how being a dynamic person can make everyone else appear closed-minded and anything but well-rounded.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time studying Master Mason publications, magnets, vibrations, resonation, sacred geometry and a number of other related matters. Because of this, I have much respect for the Spirit Science and what they are doing. It’s a shame that conservative Cortez, Colorado can’t respect that.

It’s an even bigger offense that we’re disregarding the nation as a whole to please little Cortez, Colorado. I think 4Cast may have forgotten their scale. If we were a local thing, we should of at least picked a localized domain name for SEO purposes.

So I never deleted the content, only deleted the links. I managed to rank much of the Spirit Science content 1st page in Google, and we’ve seen search traffic from it, much more than we have for any of the Christian preachers that I was told to place on the website, for what that’s worth.

This way, those searching for it might still find us, while 4Cast doesn’t have to worry about the wrath of our lord coming down on us because of the blasphemy that I placed on the interwebs……

2013 River Days & Boat Parade!

I am so excited! The 2013 Animas River Days is here! I think this is the first time I didn’t go to the video presentations. Since I started working from home, time management has been a real pressing issue, especially during raft season. Aside from that, I’m a little tight with my money right now, and I always end up buying beer at those events. Not good on the wallet.

For the parade, it looks like I’m going to be rocking a 5-person paddle boat. Dara doesn’t know this yet, but I’m making her guide the entire trip. It’ll be her first time hitting Smelter, Corner Pocket and all that fun stuff. The river is at a fun level, we’ll have weight and with that many paddles there’s plenty of punch power. All she really has to do is bark out commands and keep the boat straight. She’ll do fine, and this will show her that she can guide the river and it’s no big deal.

I’m thinking of eddying out and stopping at Santa Rita Park this year. There’s always the “actual” celebration going on there……I lied and I take that back; The real celebration is on the river, but the *official* celebration is at Santa Rita.

I’ve never stopped at Santa Rita, nor have I showed-up there rather than rafting the river. I usually end up taking out at Four Corners or High Bridge. Maybe if I were to take out at Santa Rita, I’d be more likely to participate in the festival going on at the park.

Basin Printing & Imaging’s New Email Marketing Solution

I finally implemented an email marketing solution on behalf of Basin Printing & Imaging this week! Very exciting, and I’m very happy with the outcome. No recurring costs makes it an efficient service to implement during the initial ramp-up phase. I am able to bill clients less than constant contact, while providing a much more robust solution.

Finding email marketing platforms that out perform Constant Contact isn’t difficult. In fact, the majority do just that. Constant Contact is the company with the most advertising dollars though, and it seems as if the investment paid off, as it’s the email platform of choice for most.

This makes for some easy prospecting, as companies leveraging Constant Contact will have a very distinct opt-in form, as well as the usual Constant Contact email footer. It’s nice being able to go in and meet with a prospect already knowing that you can offer the superior product.

The email marketing platform is SaaS, although Basin is hoping a number of clients will just go ahead and outsource their entire email marketing process. There’s already several people eager to talk to us about our new service, and it’ll be a fun and interesting next month.

It’s also nice being able to work with the family business again, but with a more “hands-off” role. I’m hoping this new service is successful and helps steer the company down a much more digital course.

Which on that note, gotta go meet up with my Dad right now to discuss all these email matters, making this the perfect segway to end this post. Peace.


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