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Way Too Many ****ing Projects For A Single Person….

June 12, 2013

Okay, so I’m the only person really working on the 4Cast and Twisted Nation projects. Jerry treated me way too well during the Votepedia project, so I’ve been giving him way too fair of a deal. Way too fair of a deal….

So, it’s a shame that everyone can’t be on-top of things. Jerry (boss-man) can’t remember shit, which makes collaboration next to impossible. On-top of that, it leads to a lack of focus, and with his mind going every direction (before forgetting) there’s a clear lack of distinction in priorities, which doesn’t help with time management.

I thought it was bad when he learned that we can embed basically any content on the internet, thus had me embedding entire seasons of the Andy Griffith Show. Now he’s got this grand local marketing idea that’s already scaling into Las Vegas. Granted, I’m fairly “proud-ish” of the local marketing bit, especially since I’m the one that implemented it, but it’s still not of “complete quality” yet and it’s time consuming. To have to juggle all of these projects, plus having to deal with any stupid, ridiculous requests that may come-up is outrageous.

I really wish I didn’t have to work the cameras and audio. Granted, it’s new experience which leads to being a more dynamic individual, but I’ve really got enough responsibilities with this project dealing with the web and SEO alone, let alone everything I’m rolling on. The actual recording seems a little overboard, especially since it’s not my specialty.

It seems there may actually be some decent sponsorship money and/or venture capital on the way though. I’m not getting too optimistic, but if it happens I should be able to start quoting hourly again, which will at least make all my time worthwhile. Not going to mention any of the details either. When it happens, I’ll share via the blog….Just in case anyone who may be reading this actually cares.

Animas River Days Was Drama!

I knew this years Animas River Days was going to be drama. Probably why I ended up getting next to black-out drunk at Paradise Island before the parade. One lost PFD and three “boaters” walking out on the trip before Smelter. I knew it would be a bad drama day with the girl who kind-of was the root cause of it all. Because of some events in the prior days just being around her was enough to give me massive anxieties. Enough so to even try avoiding her for the duration of Paradise. Riverdays was her favorite day of the year, I was at least going to give her that before booting her from my life. Least I could do.

Paradise Island On The Animas River Townrun

First boat on the island. Didn’t take a picture once everyone else showed up, but there were well over 20 boats where we were now. I’m holding the champagne, everyone else was either tubers or at Paradise partying already.

Paradise was great though. I was the first boat on the island. My thought was that it’s the perfect place to pregame. I can have everyone on the trip show-up at the island, decide who’s on the boat and take off from there. I definitely think that Paradise will always be the pregame from here on out. I just need to work on curving my drinking a little….I blame the drama I knew was going to occur.

Another Twisted Nation Episode

Which means more SEO and content development, on a political nature where everything has to be “politically correct” and “fact-checked”. I hate political SEO. Besides for having to compete with every single media outlet, you’ve got to know the stuff. To know political events, you’ve got to keep up with stuff.

I’m no politician. I don’t watch news. I hate political SEO. Besides, have any of you tried competing with the Huffington Post for longtails? Try it……

This episode was primarily about a child’s text messages being intercepted on an airplane. It was interesting enough, we had the mother call in. How Jerry got connected with her in the first place, I don’t know. Hell; He probably don’t even remember….

Interesting show, I still hate running the SEO on these things. ****ing fact-checking anyway, and I already mentioned having to compete with Huffington, Fox and everyone else with a team of reporters. C’mon now, one SEO vs a team of reporters? And what about the following that will provide social signals and backlinks effortlessly? *sigh*

Uploading the episode to YouTube right now, next it’s time to create the audio versions for the podcast. Luckily the podcasts are all RSS driven, less work for me. Still need to figure out the onsite content for the blog post and the description for YouTube. I’ve got some automate functions that will syndicate the content through social networks and hosted blogging platforms from there, but the initial copy still has to be developed. That entails at least watching the episode again and taking notes. Combine that with the need to record the damn thing and there’s two hours out of the work day dealing with everything prior to syndication. Ouch….Anyone notice the title of this post?

Reminds me of back in the day when I used to have to take a calculator around the shop to figure out the production schedule and whether or not it was feasible. There are certain things that make you cringe. If I was really on the up when it came to politics, this probably wouldn’t be much of an issue. Unfortunately, that’s not me.


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