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New Local / Mobile Marketing Venture

June 19, 2013

I was very skeptical about all of this at first, but now that I’m starting to roll on the project, I’m feeling a lot more optimistic. So, I’ve been working with Jerry McMullin on a podcast / vodcast project that has quickly turned into embedding as many Crackle videos onto the site as possible and out-SEOing Crackle on their own content.

The whole thing seems tedious. I do however, get a kick at being about to out SEO Crackle. It all started with Jerry’s obsession with getting the Andy Griffith show on his network. I made the mistake of informing him we could just embed a YouTube. That taught him that he could have anything on his website.

I don’t even feel justified doing that kind of tedious work.

Anyways, he soon decided that he wanted to incorporate local marketing into his business. Primarily video in nature and leveraging QR Codes on rack cards as the campaign. I convinced him that couponing should also be a focus. Adds value to the end user, adds value to the service and is all around a win.

Rather than using a responsive theme, which I have debated and will still ponder, I’ve decided to leverage my families print shop’s mobile website solution. Sure, it’s going to be a burden maintaining a desktop and mobile version, but I love that mobile CMS system and that directory plugin works amazing!

Aside from that, the website is hosted with the platform provider. Therefore it’s possible to build 1-way backlinks to a number of sites and pages, giving some SEO benefits. With every location being hosted on a different subdomain, that’s quite a few root backlinks, even though I question how much Google weights links from subdomains.

Durango, Colorado is fairly complete, though much of it is still placeholder or blank. The directory has enough for Jerry to “show off”, which was his expectation for the week. I get a kick how the CMS will display a smartphone on the desktop as well. Guess it’ s cool for proofing with people. They get the full “mobile optimized” affect.

The rack cards are to be placed primarily in hotel rooms, visitor centers and similar locations. Jerry still wants the primary feature and selling bit to be the video marketing. We’ll see how it goes. I definitely had more faith in the project than I did last week.


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