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Experiment: Wikileaks / Anonymous Niche Blackhat Site

June 29, 2013

WikileaksWikileaks Niche Site

So I’ve been playing around a great deal with social media automation through RSS, API and the works. It’s actually incredible what can be accomplished with absolutely no intervention, and it’s amazing how it’s possible to profit from it. Even if a property is bringing in meager profits, if its all completely automated it will eventually add up. Not to mention other benefits, such as linkbuilding and referral traffic.

Website: Wikileaks / Assange / Anonymous news aggregation website.

Content Sources: Various Wikileaks / Assange / Anonymous RSS feeds


  • Monetize web property through the use of display ads.
  • Drive traffic and membership for Twisted Nation. The transition from Votepedia to Twisted Nation was a failed one, and we lost all membership in the process. The individual seeding the project has since allocated resources to other projects, meaning Twisted Nation hasn’t really been marketed at all. Anonymous and Wikileaks supporters fit in the websites niche.
  • Drive awareness and support for Wikileaks, Anonymous and anyone else that stands for their goals of government, media and company accountability.


Automating Social Media & Web 2.0

Aside from automatically posting via RSS, I am also interested in syndicating as much of the content through various web 2.o properties and social networks as possible. Key word automatically. I do not want to have to intervene in any of the processes after I have all the accounts and triggers setup.

One of the goals is also to test out a bunch of new websites I’ve found, to see if they can be leveraged for referral traffic.

Maybe I’ll post links to everything I’ve done after it’s complete.

….Or maybe I’ll be real secretive about it. Besides, never know when Big G might be watching 😉 Don’t want to give ’em anything to hate me for, I’m already scared to rock AdSense on projects such as this.


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