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Follow-Up TO My Last Post On Automating A Niche Site

June 30, 2013

Still not going to give up the URL 😉 But I am happy about the results so far. For those who may be confused, read my last post about starting an automated Wikileaks niche site.

[Dumbed-Down] Project Summary:

I plugged some RSS feeds into a WordPress website (“Real WordPress”, not the Fisher Price version you’re on now) and plugged the WordPress into numerous social networks and other web 2.0 properties. Sorry for being very vague about everything I did do, secrets are kinda secret in the blackhat niche.

Anyways, aside from helping spread the good word and hold governments and other factors accountable (which is awesome) I’m also monetizing the presence through display ads (not AdSense though, I’ve pushed Google to the limit I feel) and I want to see how the links, followings, content, PR, DA and PA and everything else grows without any intervention whatsoever.

I would be interested to know if this would be a feasible method of “parking a domain” so to speak and having it be economical. This could also be a method of ramping up the authority of a niche site. Even if all the content were to be wiped out and 301’d to the index or whatever, it’d still be getting referral traffic straight out of the box, would have backlinks built (all to the homepage at this point) and would already be known by the search engines.

…….Or the whole thing falls flat on it’s face because at the very least it’s duplicate content and Google realizes it’s all driven by RSS >_<

Progress So Far:

WordPress: 25 Posts

Twitter: 15 Tweets, 4 followers

Facebook: Grip of posts, no likes. Maybe I need to do some blackhat shit to boost the Facebook likes, though I’m not a fan of fake followers. Still though, adds the illusion of authority.

Sundays Traffic as of 11:00AM: 16 Visits, 14 Unique.  Not bad for being less than 24 hours old and taking a whole 4 hours of time.

I submitted the website to Google (I always neglect Bing, though I eventually will) though didn’t generate or submit any sitemaps. I don’t want the sitemaps to get too big and raise a red flag. Don’t know if that’s legitimately something to be paranoid about, but when it comes to Google and blackhat projects, I get paranoid.

Anyways, that’s my project and the update on the project. Maybe after a while (couple months) I’ll case-study the project and come clean with all my networks tactics and whatnot.

….Then again, maybe not 😉


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