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Blogging About Blogging

July 7, 2013

Is blogging about blogging acceptable? This is something that I started contemplating while I was typing my last post. I’ve made blog posts related to blogging before, but it’s always been more on the theme of SEO and other best practices. I’ve never really made a blog post focused on the blogging that I’ve done.

It seems like a weird concept; blogging about blogs, but really once in practice (this post is an example) it’s quite natural. Maybe the original post was more professional, or at least “goal oriented” to whereas the follow-up post might be more personal, as in my case.

It’s kind of like the “post-show” show where everyone gets the chance to debrief. You’re able to go over the post, get a little more personal and maybe elaborate a little bit more.

Blogging About Blogging Vs Blogging About Blog Posts

Now am I really blogging about blogging, or am I simply blogging about a blog post I made? And what’s the difference? The difference is simple; punch “how to blog” into Google. These are the people that blog about blogging; not me. In fact, as much as I know, I wouldn’t call myself a “thought leader” on the subject. Therefore, in my eyes, I am not the optimal person to covering that subject. SEO on the other hand, and how it relates to blogging, is a different story.

But as for drafting a personal entry where the primary focus is some content I slapped together; Sure, seems perfectly natural now that I’m doing it.

Builds links too….Although I’m skeptical about the value of a link anymore, for a number of reasons. Still, a link is a link, right? 😉


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  1. I’ve blogged on blogging, though not quite in the way you’re thinking. My stats are not the most impressive, but just bc you bring it up:

    I’ve also addressed blog-writing in my Writing Process series.

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