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Rebuttle To Article Bashing Print Solution Providers Trying To Add Marketing Services

July 9, 2013

So, playing around in Google search, trying to find resources on print shops adding new solutions (fishing for longtails I could nail) I stumbled across this article which I must rebuttal….(And not give anchor-text rich backlinks to. I’m not feeling generous. I don’t NoFollow though because I’m not douchebag.)

Why Printers Need To Pursue More Channels

If you control the clients website, you control the clients marketing. I’m going to go ahead and say that, and for the most part it’s true. The website is one of the most crucial pieces of a companies marketing. Unless it’s brick and mortar, conversions can happen online. Therefore a goal of many marketing campaigns is to refer traffic to the website.

Being the one in charge of making the updates, building campaign landing pages and all that other stuff is crucial. If you’re “that guy”, then you’re interacting with the marketing decision-makers regularly. While you’re interacting with them, it’s also possible to ask them about that rack card, and “oh, by the way, I noticed that you’re doing email and SMS marketing. Would you be interested in hearing about what we got to offer?”

And if the client doesn’t know how to rock Analytics, you’re the one feeding them the results!

Think about it, that basically makes you their CMO.


Read the guide: How Printer Can Become Marketing Agency This guide will not only tell you how to start offering all these solutions, it’ll give you examples of the solutions to partner with. And I’m not talking MindFire. Learn what channels to offer, how to offer them and who to partner with.


Upsell / Cross-Sell Existing Print Clients

You’ve already got clients. Many of them local, which enables in-person interaction (great for sales, screw cold-calling). You’re in the perfect position to upsell and cross-sell. Whenever you’ve got a decision-maker on the phone, ask them about their other marketing needs and solutions.

Setup some unique and innovative migration packages. You know; If you migrate to our email marketing solution, we’ll throw in 2,000 postcards free!’ To you, those postcards shouldn’t be a big deal. Hell, gang it up with another run and it’s hardly even additional press time.

After print, it’s just cutting and boxing. Don’t be stingy, if it’s worth an upsell it’s probably worth it.

Printers Are Positioned To Become The Complete Solution

All the printer has to do is implement a couple whitelabeled SaaS solutions, and they’re the complete solution, all inhouse. For a digital marketing to implement inhouse printing to offer to clients, they’d have to buy a fleet of presses and all the bindery equipment.

It’s feasible for printers to become full-service marketers. It’s not feasible the other way around. When using this logic, who is optimally positioned to become the complete marketing solution? The printers. With that being said, it sounds like smart scaling to me.

Leveraging Offered Channels For In-House Marketing

If you are a printer reselling marketing services, you’re getting access to those marketing channels at a reduced cost. This leads to more cost-effective marketing. Think about it; there’s multiple ways to increase ROI;

  1. Increase the number of conversions
  2. Increase the value of the conversion
  3. Decrease the cost of the campaign, thus increasing ROI

It’s amazing how many companies are so blinded by the conversion rate, that they don’t bother brainstorming the ways to reduce the overhead of the campaigns themselves. Printers generally market through a lot of print. Why? Because it’s easy for them. They can fire up the Heidelberg and out pops their new rack card!

Guess what? Marketing solution providers have the complete marketing arsenal at their disposal. Having those tools accessible should be reason enough to pursue these various channels.

More dynamic marketing messages

I know true diehard printers will never get tired of talking about print. That doesn’t mean your clients aren’t tired of hearing about it. Lets face it. Nobody understands offset printing. You need to work in a printshop to be able to respect the art and science that is printing and bindery.

Your clients think that you push a button and the Xerox spits out some postcards. You could try to express to them how incredibly awesome and complex the entire print production workflow is, and how awesome your company is at rocking at it, but honestly, they don’t care.

So change it up from print for a change. Add some new spices and flavorings to the marketing messages. Be like; “Hey man, have you seen this awesome stuff we’re doing with SMS and mobile loyalty?” And then since you’re all printer and stuff, segway into QR Codes….Because I know you really want to talk shop about print. It’s okay, I’m a printer too, so I understand.

Can We Please Now **** About The Brokers Masquerading As Printers?

While that article is going off on printers trying to turn marketing solution, I’m scratching my head wondering why there’s no mention of the print broker acting like they’ve got a Heidelberg in their office. C’mon dude, you’re a guy at a desk sourcing jobs to the lowest bidder. You ain’t no printer. You probably don’t even know what offset print smells like, much less the clicking of a folder or booklet maker, or the loud buzz of the vacuum feed. You’ve never fought lousy paperstock or argued with the Postal Service over the DMM’s language.

You’re not a printer!, quit masquerading! Just sayin’.



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