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Update: My RSS-Driven Niche Site Theories & Ideas

July 9, 2013

If you want to know more about the project, read my original post on brainstorming how to automatically curate content on niche sites through RSS. Anyways, recently I’ve figured out how to automate StumbleUpon posting. It’s simple, really. All that’s needed is a WordPress plugin (For “Real WordPress”, not the lame version we’re on now).

Anyways, since I’ve found a way to automate it, I’ve been playing around with things and holy **** StumbleUpon is good for referral traffic. So this made me get to thinking; If I plug it into the Wikileaks news website experiment, then the property would then be aggregating automatic content to StumbleUpon. Seeing how everything posted to the experiment niche site is duplicate content (naturally, as it’s RSS-driven) it’s not the most search-engine friendly stuff. Therefore, maybe this should be used to experiment and optimize different methods of driving automated referral traffic.

After seeing some results by plugging StumbleUpon into some of my preexisting properties, I was shocked. Maybe it was just the right niches and categories, but I’ve got faith.

The one difference is I was automatically punching in the tags, which transfer over to StumbleUpon. With this new process, the tags are going to have to be generic and static. This may decrease relevancy, and using the same tags for each entry may appear “bot-like” to StumbleUpon, though I don’t know their stance dealing with massive automated actions.

So there you go, think about this guys, I’m basically giving away free secrets. I should be hogging all this ****. Maybe share your gratitude, share a backlink or something, but not to this blog, maybe something you see to the right. Ya know 😉


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