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Working On Building New Email Marketing Niche Site

July 9, 2013

Started a fun little project today. Started building up content for an email marketing niche website today. I’ve had the domain for a while now, and it’s a great domain name in my opinion. I’m planning for the website to contain reviews and overviews of all the various email marketing solutions out there.

Helping The Marketing Solutions, Namely The Print Shops

As I have helped B2B solution providers implement email marketing platforms before, I want a lot of to cover whitelabeled platforms, reseller programs and how marketing agencies can start offering email marketing to their clients. It’s amazing how if you really do homework and shop around, how many great and (for the most part) unknown solutions are out there.

Helping solution providers implement email marketing is definitely a goal I have. Especially the printers. Having a family who owns a printshop, I definitely understand the needs to offer up new digital services to existing clients.

Constant Contact Sucks At Life

One pet peeve I’ve got about email marketing is how many people are using Constant Contact. Don’t you guys realize that Constant Contact sucks at life? It’s amazing how much institutional style advertising can do for a company. I guess it works. If any ma and pa store is going to implement email marketing, Constant Contact is the first solution that comes to mind.

There are so many solutions that are way better than Constant Contact. I’m serious. Here’s a [less than complete] list of email marketing platforms. Pick a solution, any solution and nine times out of ten, I’m going to say it’s probably better than Constant Contact. Doing a little shopping and comparison, you’d think the marketing coordinators would realize this. With all these platforms offering free trials, you’d think more people would compare all the platforms side-by-side…I mean c’mon now? This is an investment. Due diligence people, stay sharp and be on it.

Constant Contact Should Be Rolling Out Upgrades

Being the “leader of the pack” as far as market share is, you’d think Constant Contact would be interested in improving their services in order to completely strangle out the competition and work towards reducing competition and further increasing market share. Obviously, seeing how you need FormStack to create a ****ing opt-in form, they’re not interested in that.

I mean, c’mon Constant Contact, think about it! You’ve got the positioning, you’ve got the budget (Assuming) so why are you not trying to create a more robust solution? While all the other solutions are offering variable and conditional content, advanced and automated list segmentation and a grip of other badass features, you can’t even produce the HTML or iframe for a ****ing embed form! Think about it!

So I would be thrilled if I could communicate to the world how awful Constant Contact is, and provide a list of alternative to migrate to.

Hell, MailChimp is free and I feel it’s a more robust solution. Just sayin’.


I’m planning on monetizing the property entirely through affiliate programs. Just about every single one of these solution providers offers up an affiliate program. Many of them with recurring income from all referred businesses. Others, like the majority found within the Commission Junction network, pay per lead as well as by conversion.

Seeing how my family has just implemented a whitelabeled SaaS email marketing solution, I also wonder if I can’t leverage the platform to drive leads and sales for them as well.

Staying Up On Email Marketing

It will also be nice to have to start staying on-top of email marketing. There’s a lot of changes in the industry; engagement is now an ISP signal for inbox placement, being the biggest. Many platforms are getting more robust as well. Silverpop now has “delivery time optimization” which sends to each recipient at different times based on when that individual usually is checking mail. More and more solutions are offering modularized editors in addition to WYSIWYG / HTML and what’s going on with variable content and segmentation features is amazing.


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