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From Marketing To Politics: Let’s Win The ’14 Colorado Senate Race

July 25, 2013

Dude, I love my life. Venture capital for a startup I’ve been helping out with is looking incredibly possible, though I’ve learned to never get hopes up when it comes to VC, but it’s exciting to see movement just the same. The lady whom has been playing the leading role in securing the VC would step onto the board, along with the investor himself. Lady has been involved with radio (primarily internet-based) for years and I feel would make a great edition to the board. Not mentioning names until it happens, just for the sake of discretion and not counting eggs before they hatch.

Aside from that, I’ve got some web and SEO side jobs as well as some prospects lined-up who I know are actively seeking a replacement WordPress developer. Apparently a local web-guy moved to the West Coast leaving a couple local clients high and dry.

But the real exciting story is Jaime McMillan’s 2014 Colorado Senate Race.

Working With Politicians Is Nothing New To Me

So working with politicians is nothing new. While I was working direct mail, I was responsible for preparing the ballots themselves in 3 different counties (La Plata, Archuleta, Montezuma). Because I was the MSP working the closest with the Clerk & Recorders data for said counties, I was naturally the most qualified to work with the local politicians for their direct mail needs.

Aside from that, I was a rockstar at expediting mailflow, and had no issues going facility to facility to breath down postmaster / acceptances necks to make sure the postcards landed with the ballots (very, very, very, very, very [x 100] Important)

So naturally, I’ve got quite the bipartisan references and testimonials. I took equal treatment very seriously despite my Conservative views and affiliations. It’s important as a solution provider. This work and the candidates I’ve worked for came up during the “interview”, if you could call it that. I guess it’s convenient doing work with everyone on both sides, as it means that the winner is always a client of mine 😉 Really, think about it.

2014 Colorado Senate Race

Jaime is a Republican, by the way, which is great because I get to represent my party. Naturally, he’s the incumbent (going against Udall) so the first priority is winning the Conservative Primaries. Who may run is still speculative. All the other candidates that have put their hats in are all extreme rightists, where Jaime is fairly balanced. We feel this makes him the most electable, especially in Colorado where the Denver Area college vote is really what we’re going to have to fight for.

Apparently all the major donations are realized after the primaries. This means that the the primaries will have to be fought on a more grassroots level. After the primaries are won, it’s taking the fight to Udall, which I forget the figure, but lets say he’s got a well funded war chest ready to release it’s wrath upon the Colorado voter.

Add to it the fact that he’s incumbent, giving him the natural upper-hand. I’m excited for the opportunity to go up against big money. It’d be even more exciting to win against it. I’ve always been a firm believer in efficiency (thus my political affiliation) so I believe I can run just as affective of a campaign with a strapped budget. We’ll see.

My Responsibilities

As of right now, Jaime wants me to take over his web work and see if I can’t do anything for their SEO, as well as do some things to automate and optimize his current social media practice.

He’s currently using Nation Builder for the website CMS as well as for fundraising and volunteer management. He wants to see if I can optimize anything within Nation Builder. I’ve looked at the platform, but not too thoroughly.

I want to run a very aggressive video campaign, primarily via YouTube. Not only is YouTube the second most searched website, it also plays nicely with Google search, and it’s main demographic is a younger audience and I’m willing to say they’re more of the liberal / independent crowd that we need to convert.

Being that I’m also working with a podcast / vodcast studio, I want to take advantage of the audio / video equipment we’ve got and also run a podcast campaign. Podcasts are great for linkbuilding and SEO, something people never really think of when considering whether or not to start a podcast.

Jaime is currently not running any email marketing. I plan on implementing a program for him. Probably starting with mailchimp just to start building up recipients until the plan is maxed-out. At that point, I plan on switching over to a whitelabeled email marketing platform I implemented for my families business.

Aside from that, the tech community loves case-studying innovative campaigns during election times. Just look at all the press Barack Obama got over his innovative 2.0 campaigns. Maybe we can some press love with a couple “The Conservative Party Finally Starts Campaigning In The New Age” articles case-studying our campaigns.

Which speaking of articles, I’m in bed with some great SEO / content marketing firms. This means I’m able to get press releases drafted and submitted to all teh major press release outlets for under the price it’d cost to manually submit them to all the various places. Something I’ve boasted about but never really been able to get anyone to jump on.

I hate to break it to my party, but we’re lagging in that department. It’s nothing new, it’s been that way. Hopefully I can change some things for them.

As for other responsibilities, who knows? Definitely eager to fulfill what we’ve already discussed and see what’s next on the campaign trail.


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