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Why Hasn’t ShoutCast And Internet Radio Embraced The Mobile Generation?

July 30, 2013

I am Invincible!

Two methods for getting ShoutCast / IceCast content to play on mobile


I’m still not content, so I’m going to be playing around with things, trying to improve the IceCast mobile listening experience. Stay tuned!


So I spent basically all day yesterday learning how to setup and embed internet radio. The process itself is simple enough. For those who are curious:

  1. Download WinAmp
  2. Download ShoutCast/IceCast plugin
  3. Purchase / signup for ShoutCast/IceCast server
  4. Plug server information into WinAmp
  5. Que up a playlist
  6. Hit play
  7. Embed the server address as a media player.

Kinda disappointed, really. Figured it’d at least be a little bit more involved. Sure, could upgrade from WinAmp to something more geared towards broadcast, but WinAmp is the fast, easy, no-cost route.

The one problem is;

ShoutCast Hates Mobile!

I was shocked to find out how bad ShoutCast was with mobile devices. How many people listen to music and other media on their smartphones and tablets? A lot of them! So how could streaming internet radio solutions not have mobile down?

It seems possible with the use of PHP scripts and mobile apps. It also seems that IceCast is a little more mobile friendly than ShoutCast.

Wooshstream has an incredibly nice IceCast embed, which I will probably go with until I can find a better mobile solution. Maybe I’m just incompetent, but I can not figure out their DJ dashboard.

Still can’t believe it……C’mon radio, get with the times!


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