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My New Project In The Works – Whitelabeled Marketing Resource Site

January 2, 2014

Haven’t made a post on this site for a while. Kinda ironic, as my life’s been incredibly busy and “blogworthy” to say the least. Probably because I got some flak from a prospect about some stuff I posted here. Not that I care too much, not that hard-up for work, but a current client cared for whatever reason. Whatever…..

Anyways, having left the family business (again) (yay!) I’ve got a lot more free-time for freelance work, my personal projects and some entities that I’ve been working with. Best of all, I’m back working from home and making more money doing it. Who can complain about that?

So the latest project; A resource website about whitelabeled solutions for marketing agencies. This is something that I’ve spent a lot of time researching and implementing while I was employed by Basin Printing. Being in the print industry, we are constantly faced with the challenge of declining print. Even though we’ve actually gained marketshare as the competition has closed their doors before us, the fact that print as a whole is declining is something that can’t be ignored.

During my R&D, I really wish that I had a site that was comprehensive and listed all the various possible solutions. Although this site is nothing comprehensive [yet], it’s got great programs listed that can be leveraged to basically create the “full solution” at little-to-no-cost. Something impressive in-and-of itself.

Having this knowledge and knowing what is possible, I’ve often thought of starting my own digital marketing agency. After dealing with a family business, however, I have no interest in being a business owner. I feel much more comfortable freelancing. Although it’s “basically the same thing” as being a 1-man company, the principle of not being employed and/or running a business seems better.

Much rather enable other companies to do the same, while pocketing affiliate profits. Maybe someday I’ll jump into the game myself. No time soon. Aside from that, a business is a responsibility, and I’m driven to eliminate most of the responsibility from my life. I don’t want to be anchored down to a single town or region and want to be able to relocate to another location in a moments notice if that’s what I decide needs to be done.

Owning a business is a commitment. But…..If you want to commit yourself to an incredibly inexpensive digital agency startup, check out my newest resource 😉

More content and programs coming soon. Just got it “completed enough” to start linking to and getting things indexed. By no means do I believe that the website is 100% complete, and can’t wait until I have a wide range of different products and services available.


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