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Durango Chronic Opened To The Public….Then It Closed

January 8, 2014

It’s been a busy week here in Colorado. Telluride approved the applications of three businesses for legal retail of marijuana. This has created quite the stir both nationally and internationally. Me myself, being webmaster for Durango Chronic, got hit with dozens of emails inquiring about everything from “How far is Durango from Telluride?” to “When are you guys going to have legal retail?”.

There was a lot of interest in the social network, so I opened it for a day……


Attack of the SPAM Bot

So blackhat SEOs spamming various platforms have always made the industry look bad. If you’ve also got a WordPress blog, then you’ve seen some of the ridiculous comment spam. SocialEngine, the platform Durango Chronic is built on has always been a target for SEO-spammers. Reason being is DoFollow backlinks in both the blogs and profiles.

Needless to say, Durango Chronic got hit hard. Over 1000 join-ups within the first day. 365 of them managed to bypass the confirmation email and everything. Of course there were some real human signups in that 365, but majority were automated scripts.

So much, that I had to stop the public signup. *SIGH*

Going to have to solve spam issues on signup and get it on something dedicatedinstead of shared. Something that would have to happen anyway, but it’d be great to figure out how to monetize the venture in some way before spending the money on it.

Oh well, guess I might as well complete the directory and all those other things before moving it and making it public again. What a shame.


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