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GoDaddy Hangout: Social Media For Small Business

August 7, 2014

GoDaddy Hangout: Social Media For Small Business

GoDaddy hosts a hangout and discusses social media with an emphasis on small business. The networks discussed are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+. The hangout participants share their experience using the social networks and give their thoughts about the different websites.

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  1. Honestly, I was impressed with this video. I suppose it’s fine for beginners but for companies that already have established social media presence, the information on here is – at best – strategies for newbies that may or may not be necessarily effective. Of course, that depends on the type of company that’s involved in a social media outreach program.

    • I agree. It’s been an interesting project working on this niche webinar site. You get to see what kind of content companies produce across the entire board. I was shocked to see something that 101 in this day and age. I guess it’s always good to see what the average competency is of your non-social media gurus.

  2. Really appreciate the post Nathan, glad to hear you enjoyed the hangout. We will be hosting even more going forward 🙂

    • Like I said, it was kinda basic 101 but I’m sure there’s some people who got great value out of it. The hangout on improving site speed was really informative. Look forward to future ones.

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